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over 4 years ago

Developers - We Need Your Email Addresses

While we have email addresses for some of you, we're entering the phase of the competition where we're going to have to have closer contact with virtually everyone.  We have several apps that do not load correctly onto judges' devices (this is a beta contest, after all), and we need to be able to reach out to developers so they (you) can help us over this hump with your app.  Many of you I have email addresses for, but please send them again, this time noting full contact info (phone *and* email) for the person who should be the contact for technical issues and the same for whoever is in charge of paperwork and award issues. 

And...all of you with iOS devices should try to make sure your build works with the following newly added iOS device, which replaced the IPad 1 (aren't you glad!!) as a proper testing device for this competition.

Device Added: iPad Air CDMA+GSM (iOS 12b410)
Device UDID: 79966fe45ea2942108b1093763005db1ecf6a552


More details about judging:  over the next 3 days, the two main judges are looking over your app and paperwork to make sure they all function and meet the guidelines.  Then we hand over the apps to the teachers, who will rank amongst the qualifying apps.  We will want to give your developer's contact info to the teachers as well, since the teachers will no doubt have some idiosyncratic combinations of OS and hardware that the developers will need to address.

Merrilea (