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over 4 years ago

Don't forget to actually provide access to your app!!

Hi, Merrilea Mayo, contest manager for Apps for Class here.  As usual, I can be reached at if you have questions.

It's now 8 days until the competition deadline, and we're starting to see entries submitted.  However, many entries are not putting anything in the all-important "Testing Instructions" field that tells the judges how to access the app itself.  I've gone ahead and rewritten the instructions on how to provide access to your app, to clarify what kinds of options you have.  Then, whatever you choose, please describe your access method in the Testing Instructions box.

If you have a browser-based app, then just mention the website here and indicate this is how the judges are supposed to access it; if you have a an Android app, tell the judges how to get to the .apk file.  If you have an iOS app, let us know you'll be submitting it via Testflight or whatever other method you choose.

On the plus side, entrants may fix this omission and edit their submissions up until the very last day of the competition.  What happens when you edit an entry you previously submitted, is that the entry goes dark for a while, then the contest manager (me) has to reset the entry to public view again.  But your entry is good even if I don't push the button resetting the display immediately.

Other than that, things seem to be going well, and I was very happy today to see the first two entries and finally be able to make the submissions viewing gallery public.

If we have enough entries, there's a chance we'll be able to host this competition again next year, so keep 'em coming!