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over 5 years ago

3 Things to Be Working on Now

Many of you are by now working furiously to get those apps developed and done by 5 pm Eastern Oct. 31, the deadline for the Verizon Foundation's Apps for Class challenge.  However, a working app is only one of the things that is needed.  Your non-coding teammates can, at the same time, be gathering up everything else that needs to be submitted while your coder is slaving away.  Here are some things to start collecting now:

1. Corporate Filing Letter demonstrating non-profit status. 

Oops?  You're not a non-profit?  Better find one to partner with (and it needs to have annual revenues <$500k) quick!  See the recent discussion board posting for how you do this.

2. Create the text description of your app

This is a paragraph or two.  The text should convey more than just a dry cataolog-type description.  It should reveal a little of the flavor, the thinking, the history behind the app.  What makes it special, not to just the consumer, but to you personally, and to the world at large?  Why should we care?

3.  Screenshots

Even if your app isn't fully developed, you can take screenshots of the most visually appealing parts that are already there.

These three things can all be done now - so if you want to help your team, but can't code, or if you're a coder but just need a break to regain your sanity, go ahead and start on these tasks.

As always, if you need help, I"m just an email away