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over 5 years ago

Contest Help - Just Ask

I'm Merrilea Mayo, recently assigned to help out with this contest, and I wanted to give everyone my proper email address,, with an invitation to contact me if you need help understanding rules, finding partners, or otherwise navigating the Apps for Class challenge. 

We still have fewer submitting applicants than awards (some on the contestant list are just lurkers), so if you have starving developer/non-profit friends with a middle school app that's in the beta testing phase, please feel free to reach out to them and encourage them to apply.  You wouldn't be jeopardizing your own chances for success.

I do note we have several entrants who are non-US.  Sadly, only US non-profits are eligible to apply, so if you are non-US, you won't want to waste your time developing anything for us. 

If you are a US-based, for-profit developer looking for a US non-profit to pair with, please let me know.  I've accumulated several non-profits that are willing to pair up for a submission, and I can introduce you to them.

That's it for now.

"Appy" trails!