Action Graphing

An innovative, fun, and pedagogically sound app that teaches students about the science and math behind motion graphs

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Brief Overview of the Game Action Graphing is an innovative, engaging, and pedagogically effective game that develops students' understanding of motion graphing, an essential part of any 7th or 8th grade physical science curriculum.

Action Graphing encourages students to analyze and interpret graphs in order to predict actual events and model the motion of real objects. In so doing, it promotes a deeper understanding of position, time, and velocity. Specifically, Action Graphing helps students learn two major concepts: (1) that the slope of the line represents the object's velocity; and (2) that the y-intercept of the line represents the object's position.

Designed by an award-winning science teacher with student learning in mind, Action Graphing brings motion graphs to life. With a cast of memorable characters and exciting gameplay, students will be on the edges of their seats to understand the meaning behind motion graphs.

Inspiration Action Graphing was inspired by a lesson that Matt found to be highly effective in helping students understand motion graphs on an intuitive level. In that lesson, Matt would set up a motion detector in the classroom, and students would move their bodies in order to reproduce a motion graph in real time. Matt found that when the students were able to experience the motion that the graphs represent, they developed a far deeper understanding of slope and y-intercept. This also has significant benefits in middle school math courses, as well as science courses. Action Graphing greatly expands upon this lesson and brings it to the palms of students' hands.

Who We Are The Universe and More, Inc. is New Jersey nonprofit education technology company dedicated to making science education easily accessible--and very fun--for students in and out of the classroom. Our apps are designed to provide a rigorous learning experience while motivating students with a level of stimulus to which they have become accustomed in the mobile gaming age.

Founded by an award-winning science teacher, Matt Blackman, we advocate for an innovative approach to education that maximizes the empowering potential of technology, in particular, interactive games and apps, in the classroom. Designed with the goal of enriching the student learning experience, our games serve as supplementary tools that enhance, but do not replace, the vital role that teachers play in the science classroom.

Our Team The driving force behind the Universe and More, Matt Blackman is the company's founder, game designer, programmer, and lead artist. Matt is currently a sixth-year science teacher, and in this short time, he has achieved a remarkable degree of success. He has acquired a reputation as an innovative, dedicated, passionate, and highly talented educator whose sole goal is to assist his students to fulfill their greatest potential.

Matt's achievements have not gone unnoticed. Just last year, the New Jersey State Legislature adopted a ceremonial resolution formally recognizing Matt for his accomplishments in the classroom, and thanking him for his contributions to the New Jersey community. To put it bluntly, Matt knows how to reach students, and his teaching charisma permeates the Universe and More's games, especially Action Graphing.

Teaming up with his good friend, Chris Salloum, Matt is poised to change the world of science education for the better through the Universe and More's games and apps.

Although Action Graphing is our first app, Matt has made several other Flash games and teaching resources available on our website free for all science teachers. Several million people, including thousands of students and teachers, have played our games and have benefited from our teaching resources, such as worksheets that accompany our games for use in the classroom. Many teachers have incorporated our web-based games into their curricula, and look forward to using them each year.

After years of perfecting his skills in designing web-based science education games, Matt decided to create an app, Action Graphing, for tablet devices. Action Graphing takes full advantage of the possibilities that a touch screen provides, and enables students to fully explore, appreciate, and master all aspects of motion graphs, conceptually as well as mathematically.

Do not let the high quality of Action Graphing fool you into thinking that the Universe and More is a company with a lot of resources. Matt has been working on the game for over two years in his spare time after school and on summer vacations, and Chris has been heavily involved (in his spare time, too) since the beginning of 2014. Matt and Chris have put their all into realizing the full potential of the Universe and More's mission. And they're just getting started; they hope to continue creating high-quality games to fill the entire physical science curriculum.

We are confident that Action Graphing will help students gain a deeper understanding and an appreciation for motion graphs, and get them to love science in the process.

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