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So You Want to Demonstrate Non-Profit Status - What Counts?

We've gotten a few inquiries about which kinds of documents demonstrate non-profit status. The basic rule is, it has to be a document FROM the government (either state or US), not a document you wrote and then sent to the government or to the public. So, your documents requesting nonprofit status don't work; however the government's response back to you saying you received non-profit status, does work. Similarly, if you show up on a state or federal website as having non-profit status, then that counts (just take a screenshot and save it as a pdf or jpg), because it's a state (or federal)-run website, and they are effectively confirming your non-profit status by putting you on this list. However, a screenshot of your own website where you claim you are a non-profit, does not work. Ultimately, we have to have the word of a government entity, and not your own word, that you actually are a non-profit.


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